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The Podcast is Coming Back Next Week

The Podcast is Coming Back Next Week

After a short hiatus, the Rose Garden Report podcast is back and better than ever.

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During the time I haven’t been podcasting, I’ve been rethinking what I want it to look like and how I want to present it, and I also decided to take back control of the production and distribution rather than be affiliated with a network.

The Rose Garden Report is a fully independent, reader-supported publication. Purchasing a premium subscription unlocks exclusive content and helps sustain the website and make the coverage of the Portland Trail Blazers the best it can be.

I’m happy to announce that the podcast will be back on a full-time basis next week. Here’s how it’s going to look going forward:

  • Most weeks, there will be two new episodes, one early in the week and one later in the week. The first episode will continue to be available for free on Apple, Spotify, YouTube and all the usual platforms. The second episode will be exclusively available for paid Rose Garden Report subscribers. If you’re a paid subscriber, not only do you get full access to the newsletter and website, you now get extra podcasts, too. (You can listen directly in the Substack app, or copy the RSS feed into whichever podcast app you use.)

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  • In addition to the exclusive second episode most weeks, paid subscribers will also get early access to the free episodes. When I post them on the free feed, they will be scheduled to go up in the morning like most podcasts are. But I’ll put them up on the paid-subscriber feed as soon as I’m finished editing them. And the early-access version for paid subscribers will be without ads.

  • On that note, I’m very open to sponsor partnerships for the newly relaunched podcast to help financially sustain it. I’d love to feature and prioritize local businesses in the Portland metro area, but I’m open to all inquiries. Email me at and we’ll talk.

  • If you were already subscribed to the podcast, stay subscribed—new episodes will be on the same feed they’ve always been on. If you weren’t subscribed, here are the links for Apple, Spotify and YouTube.

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